Attendance/Dean's Office

Attendance/Dean's Office Contact Information 


Michelle Langston, Deans' Office Secretary
(Student attendance calls and questions)
Phone: (708) 585-1007

Ana Fuentes, Deans' Office Secretary
(Bus/bus routes, discipline/detentions, ID's, lockers, referrals, suspensions, tardies)
Phone: (708) 585-1147

Diane Faulkner, Deans' Office Secretary
(Log entries, detentions)
Phone: (708) 585-1083

The primary function of Thornton Fractional North High School and the professional staff is to provide a safe and secure learning environment. It is our responsibility to ensure every student understands the rules and expectations set forth by District 215. It is the District’s intent that students learn in a positive manner from the consequences of their actions and that all discipline is done with compassion and for altering student behavior.

Attendance is also key to a student’s success. As we promote an effective learning climate for students and the efficient use of teacher time and school resources, all students must be in regular attendance. Students are expected to remain in the building from the beginning of the school day until the end of the school day. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school of a student’s absence each day the student is absent. If the school does not receive a call, the absence is considered unexcused. A 24-hour phone service is available at (708) 585-1007.

Student Behavior Code Overview

The following are examples of inappropriate behavior; however, this list is not all-inclusive or exhaustive:

  • Inappropriately dressed
  • Inappropriate use of cell phone
  • Obscene or abusive language
  • Fighting/Gross Misconduct
  • Gang activity
  • Possession of drugs or weapons
  • Truancies
  • Tardies

Consequences for Attendance and Behavior Infractions

  • Teacher’s Detention
  • Dean's Detention
  • Alternative Education Program/Attendance Modification Program
  • In-School Suspension
  • Out-of-School Suspension

Note: Parent conferences may be requested at any of the above discipline levels.

Administrators and Deans'

Brian Rucinski, Assistant Principal for Building Control
(708) 585-1004 

Stacie Hunt, Dean, Freshmen
(708) 585-1013

Alejandro Lagunas, Dean, A - K
(708) 585-1015

Artie Rogers, Dean, L - Z
(708) 585-1014

Mo Plavsa, Police Liaison
(708) 585-1094

Deans' Assistants

Tim Bankston, Deans' Assistant
Phone:  (708) 585-7036

Sondra Farrow, Deans' Assistant
Phone:  (708) 585-1163

DeAndre Lowery, Deans' Assistant
Phone:  (708) 585-7026

James Queer, Deans' Assistant
Phone:  (708) 585-1134

Natalie Webb, In-School Suspension Supervisor
Phone:  (708) 585-1114

Attendance Office Secretaries

Michelle Langston, Deans' Office Secretary
(Truancy & discipline)
Phone: (708) 585-1007

Ana Fuentes, Deans' Office Secretary
(Student Attendance)
Phone: (708) 585-1147

Cheryl Brown, Deans' Office Secretary
(Suspensions, IDs, referrals, lockers, bus routes)
Phone: (708) 585-1083