AP & Honors Mathematics Summer Work

AP & Honors Mathematics Summer Work

Mrs. Michelle Jones
Honors Algebra I, 9th Grade

Email:  mjones@tfd215.org
Phone:  (708) 585-1182

Mr. Tareg Mansour
Honors Geometry, 10th Grade

Email:  tmansour@tfd215.org
Phone:  (708) 585-1100

  • Letter:  Honors Geometry
  • Packet
  • Mr. Mansour will be at school Monday through Thursday from July 9 through August 2 if any student would like to come for help.

Mrs. Cathleen Stadt
Honors Algebra II, 11th Grade

Email:  cstadt@tfd215.org
Phone:  (708) 585-7071

Honors Pre-Calculus, 12th Grade

Mrs. Carol Horak
Honors Pre-Calculus, 12th Grade

Email:  chorak@tfd215.org
Phone:   (708) 585-1061

Mr. Mychael Webb
AP Calculus

Email:  mwebb@tfd215.org
Phone:   (708) 585-7043